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14-Jan-2020 15:40

The Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar, changing the formula for calculating leap years.The beginning of the legal new year was moved from March 25 to January 1.

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To turn this feature on, click Customize on the Options menu, and then click the Dates tab.16, 1723/24 or Feb 16 1723/1724, in which case Legacy displays it as Feb 16, 1723/24.If you don't include the second year, Legacy accepts the year you entered as the second year. January 1 was established as the first day of the new year.

Protestant countries, including England and its colonies, not recognizing the authority of the Pope, continued to use the Julian Calendar.

Between 15, not only were two calendars in use in Europe (and in European colonies), but two different starts of the year were in use in England.

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