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“She told me that one of the girls who had been cut the same day as her had experienced serious problems and died following a haemorrhage that no one had taken care of,” Latty explained.

FGM can cause a raft of serious health consequences, including not only haemorrhage but also shock, infection and complications in childbirth. An estimated 200 million women and girls alive today have been subjected to the practice.

2011), of the 9,780 people who have profited for microcredit programs, 6,485 are women (UMP Feb. The same source stated that [translation] "approximately 3,000 small income-generating activities for women working in the informal sector" were made possible with microcredit (ibid.).

The MPF explained that, although the Djiboutian authorities have made [translation] "significant" effort to integrate Djiboutian women into the economy, improvements are needed, particularly with regard to the following: [translation] Inadequacy of the credit availability conditions of microfinance institutions with regard to informal sectors where there are numerous women's activities; Lack of promotion and enhancement of female entrepreneurship (development of small businesses and small industries) in the management of microbusinesses; Lack of advice and coaching support for various credit recipients (microcredit or other credit institutions); Building the capacity to respond and to distribute support funds from the government or other partners by overseeing that they are used effectively; Increasing support for the transformation and commercialization of artisan products to make them more competitive on the national and international markets; Development of a structure for analyzing and guiding the recruitment of women with university degrees; Distribution and promotion of measures and laws of the National Investment Promotion Agency (Agence nationale pour la promotion des investissements, ANPI); Providing fiscal and accounting assistance to women entrepreneurs; Strengthening of current credit union systems (Djibouti Apr. In October 2012, the government of Djibouti published a decree on the creation of the National Microfinance Commission (Commission nationale de microfinance, CNMF) (Djibouti 2012a, art. The main objective of that commission is to [translation] "transform microfinance into a veritable tool for fighting poverty in the Republic of Djibouti by promoting self-employment and the employment of women and youths through affordable and effective outreach credit services" (ibid.). Décret n°2012-219/PR/SESN portant création, attributions, organisation et fonctionnement de la Commission nationale de microfinance (CNMF).

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Her mother was subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child in Burkina Faso.The priority, in terms of education, is given to boys, particularly because they are considered to be the future heads of households (FIDH and LDDH [2011]; Djibouti 16 Apr. In a report published in December 2009, the MPF of Djibouti noted that literacy programs are provided by both public and private organizations, two of the main ones being the MPF and the National Union of Djiboutian Women (Union nationale des femmes djiboutiennes, UNFD) (Djibouti Dec. According to the government of Djibouti, between 20, 17,000 girls and women participated in a literacy program (ibid. Nevertheless, with regard to the effectiveness of the literacy programs, the report from the MPF stated the following: [translation] Difficulties exist and can be summarized as follows.

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