Dirty chating bots

19-Oct-2020 12:20

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3.) How do we protect minor users from these harmful and pornographic links that are being sent by the scammers?

The best thing to do right now is to be extra vigilant on the people we are interacting with online.

When I opened my inbox, I got a PM from an unknown user, and thinking it was one of my friends that is not on my contact list, I replied to the message. I totally forgot all about it until a few months ago, I received another message from a different user containing the same exact text I received before.

I realized the unusual pattern and played along, curious on where the conversation would lead.

On Telegram, starting a secret chat with someone in your contact list means you have the option to make the messages ephemeral (disappearing messages, like Snapchat).

I tried looking online and discovered that numerous PSN users have been receiving the same messages as they posted their concern in Reddit and the Play Station forums.

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