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Her biggest challenge so far has been helping to put out fires. Most likely a fictional creature like R2-D2 or C-3PO from Star Wars.Very likely a humanoid—a humanlike robot with arms, legs, and a head, probably painted metallic silver.Maybe that makes for a better story, but it doesn't really reflect the current state of robot technology, with its emphasis on developing practical robots that can work alongside humans. It certainly looks like one, but it has no senses of any kind, no electronic or mechanical onboard computer for thinking, and its limbs have no motors or other means to move themselves.With no perception, cognition, or action, it cannot be a robot—even if it looks like one.

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Instead of eyes, you'd use things like GPS satellite navigation, lidar, sonar, radar, and infrared detectors, accelerometers—and any number of other sensors to build up a very different kind of picture of where the car is, how it's proceeding in relation to the road and other cars, and what you need to do next to keep it safely in motion.

First, there's the matter of whether it's technically possible to build a robot that compares with a human.

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