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You contacted us directly because you were interested in testing AMIS 2. You are a translator for an AMIS language pack and we think you would benefit from seeing the latest version of what you are translating. Based on previous contact, we think you would be interested in this version of AMIS If your organization plans to suggest AMIS to your users, then it is extremely important that you continue your beta testing participation.We can eliminate a lot of potential problems this way. This company came as a surprise ,low price for laptops and cellphones ,and i can find what i like . Dave At PM 12/1/2008, you wrote: Hi all, AMIS will reach a stable release soon, and I need to have the self- voicing prompts narrated as well as for the help file. This means it's the last chance to stress- test it before widespread distribution. Improvements were made to internationalization, accessibility, and overall reading experience; and specific requests have been implemented.They say it is a wholesale company,but they also do retail. I can't wait to tell u such a good news,and i am sure you can also find your favourite, Hope u can have a nice try . 20p _________________________________________________________________ Nye Windows 7: PCen som passer for deg. In the past, I've done it, but I thought it would be a nice touch if we could get someone more professional (and, unlike me, someone without a cold at the moment! Let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing. There are two new notable features: (1) AMIS supports text-only books now, in addition to full-text, full-audio and audio-TOC books; and (2) there is a new piece of documentation, in DAISY format: the Keyboard Shortcuts book (found in the help menu).Thank you and best regards, The AMIS Team Hi, Please join me y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Ojtk LC4d Lhl Nn Y2N3nr9z N1Ojcn Nr T2u XO2d Xf1sj Zl9z M2OOW6c He2MXO4cr S3s XY2NDhj7v Mwu Lnke XGyubf4e Tey MK00Nv Izd Ghzu Pc7offl Oe R5cr X4J2o1 Lih PKbnpeckq Ojoa Ck Mohammadwaseem Khan has invited you to Desktopdating Hi, I have just joined the Desktopdating network. See you at Desktopdating Mohammadwaseem Khan To accept the invitation copy the link given below and paste it in the address bar of your browser There would be two files: a user guide and list of keyboard shortcuts. Marisa De Meglio Software Developer, DAISY Consortium Jul 23, 2008, at PM, Chris Castley wrote: Good morning I would like to know if the help/manual is available as a text or Word file please.I installed AMIS yesterday and I would feel more comfortable reading the help file with JAWS in my word processor if possible.

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To get AMIS 3 beta 4 and start testing, go to: Testing You are receiving this email because of one or more of the following reasons: 1.

y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Oibop Saopqnl5Kdq5mqm6KUkay Wnp Rlq WX2Jz Z0tfd3d OTl ZOjl6Ggn JWT Prefer not to receive invitations from Desktopdating members? y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Oibop Saopqnl5Kdq5mqm6KUkay Wnp Rlq WX2Jz Z0tfd3d OTl ZOjl6Ggn JWTHi Chris, No, the AMIS user guide is only available as a DAISY book.