Decor updating classic style home

10-Jul-2020 23:26

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A mica pendant by Huniford Collection hangs above a Regency table and an 18th-century chair in the entry of this Woodstock, NY home; the 19th-century dressing table and 18th-century chair are American, the bronze statue is of Nicholas's grandmother Frances Ottley Wood, and the doors and flooring are reclaimed wood.

An 18th-century sofa covered in a Fabricut fabric faces a wardrobe custom made from reclaimed wood and a Queen Anne corner chair in the bedroom of this Woodstock, NY home; the rug is vintage, the walls are painted in a custom C2 Paint color, and the ceiling and floors are of reclaimed wood.

The pendant lights are a custom design, and sliding doors repurposed from the original horse stalls lead to the guest rooms.In a Montana mountain lodge, steel-framed windows lend a modern edge to the wood-paneled living room, which overlooks the Rocky Mountains.The custom sofas are in a Studio Four NYC fabric, the custom settee is covered in a Hodsoll Mc Kenzie fabric, and the custom swivel chairs and 1930s English wing chair are in fabrics from ALT for Living.The entry's table and Viennese mahogany carousel horse are antique; the walls have a custom wash, and the ceiling is painted in Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light.

At a family's horse farm in Philadelphia, designer Ellen Hamilton crafts a rustic space with both comfort and sophistication.

If you're into a less finished, less fussy overall aesthetic—whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room—there are a few ways to get there.

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