Death note dating game cheats

24-Dec-2019 12:16

Also, certain traits are set to not do these interactions.Good and Vegetarian are highly unlikely to force a sim to turn, however, a good sim will prefer to ask the sim first. Evil and mean sims are going to prefer to force sims into vampirism instead of asking.Family oriented sims will want to add to their vampire family. A vampire who is really upset because of how their life is going, or a sim made them mad during a conversation is more likely to force the sim into vampirism since destroying that sims soul is rather cruel.They will also prefer to force their enemies and any other sim they have a bad relationship with.Since a vamp like to eat I made it so a casual drink is more performed by a happy vampire. Drinking uncontrollably could cause death depending on your flavor you choose, that one I increased the chances of them doing so if they are uncomfortable. Whether or not a vampire turns a sim forcibly also has moods factoring in.If the vampire is happy they will prefer to ask to turn but if they are mad and angry than they will probably force your sim to be turned.Only 2 traits are set that way; Good and Vegetarian.Those sim will try their hardest not to drink any from the sims.

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I didn’t add conversations to night time nightly visits because that is usually done when a sim is sleeping.So certain interactions in the flavors are set based on the severity of the interaction.

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