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29-Feb-2020 08:32

I was hoping that there would be another outtake from Tenley’s dance where she twirls and twirls and kicks Jake in the face. I know this because whoever can pull off a purple sequin sparkly gown has to be stunning.

At first I may have made fun of such an outfit, but she definitely came off as really classy and one of the most mature of the group despite sounding like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinney.

Must they spend their free time writing a blog for free specifically on the Bachelor? Yes, we know “Princess Erica” from Lorenzo’s season thinks a bit too highly of herself, and that her tiara line must have failed if she’s now trying to be a judge (I hope that was a joke).

I still feel bad for Gwen from Aaron’s season, because while her blonde hair got longer and prettier since the last time we’ve seen her, she still looks just as sad as when Aaron dumped her.

I loved Jessie’s hair extensions and found it interesting that we heard more from her last night than we did the entire season.

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Particularly, Gia’s hiney in Jake’s face made me laugh.

Two frantic hours later which included me searching for the computer’s warranty, the Fiance blowing on the computer’s battery like he used to do on his Nintendo cartridges and us trying every which way to make that damn computer restart, we gave up. Knowing I had to wake up in 5.5 hours and get to work, I decided to call it a night.

So here I sit, like a cave woman, with a pad and paper, jotting down my thoughts with shaky handwriting while the train bounces up and down.

I think he said something like – there were things about Kathryn that made him know that she wouldn’t be wife material. Also interesting was that we heard nothing from Corrie the Virgin (we did learn that she has gas, though.

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How embarrassing that this was her only contribution to last night’s show).

I’m sure enough people wrote in to request that she be the next Bachelorette.