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21-May-2020 12:34

Then I want to share my recent experiences and findings about the challenge of synchronizing a working set of files between two locations, and the tools I settled on. Attorney General weighs in on "warrant-proof" data encryption.This week we close the chapter on the Marcus Hutchins saga. We look at what's popular with the underground, give an update on the latest four new ransomware attacks, examine three different attacks on exposed network attached storage (NAS) servers, cover a bit of miscellany, then take a close look at the news of the just-released-yesterday vulnerabilities in the two billion-strong Vx Works embedded OS.

We track some interesting ongoing ransomware news and look at the mixed blessing of fining companies for self-reporting breaches.

This week, as expected, we look at some of the events and announcements from last week's Black Hat and DEF CON conference events.