Dave stewart and stevie nicks dating

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He also collaborated with Brian Harrison to produce an EP on the Sunderland Multicord label (label number MULT-SH-1, producer Ken Mc Kenzie), recording two songs ("Girl" and "Green She Said") from a school musical production written by teacher Dick Bradshaw, one traditional number ("A Blacksmith Courted Me") and a song written by Dave and Brian ("Deep December").

After leaving Wearside Stewart then spent several years living in squats in London.

After a string of hit singles and albums, the duo split in 1990, but reunited in 1999 for the album Peace and another world tour.

Lennox and Stewart worked together again in 2005, recording two new tracks for the greatest hits package Ultimate Collection, released to coincide with Eurythmics' 25th anniversary.

In 2007, Stewart announced on his My Space page that he would be playing live concerts showcasing his entire career.

According to the announcement, he was to be accompanied by various guest musicians as well as a 30 piece orchestra.

Stewart came up with the idea of turning Mandela's prison number into a telephone number then wrote and recorded songs with Paul Mc Cartney, Bono and Edge and various others that you could only hear if you dialed this number and whilst listening you were donating.

He then began organising the 46664 campaign and series of concerts in the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Despite being signed to Elton John's record label, The Rocket Record Company, they did not achieve commercial success.

Due to these accomplishments, Stewart won "Best Producer" at the 1986 BRIT Awards in London.