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“I’ve never been much of a craftsman, in an educated way.

But I think just the experience of writing makes the avenues I follow a little more efficient, in some ways.

He and the band fractiously parted ways in 2000 after recording another album, which was shelved in favor of "Everyday," an uncharacteristically sleek (and sometimes slick) release produced by and Alanis Morissette veteran Glen Ballard.

The songs made 12 years ago with Lillywhite soon appeared as an online quasi-bootleg "The Lillywhite Sessions." Some of those songs appeared in 2002 on the next official DMB album, the wryly titled "Busted Stuff," although they had been re-recorded with another producer.

[Chorus] Spoon in spoon Stirring my coffee I thought of you And turned to the gate [Verse 1] And on my way Came up with the answers I scratched my head And the answers were gone From hand to hand Wrist to the elbow Red blood sand Could dad be God?

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But when it comes to Matthews tooting his own horn, well, don’t hold your breath.

One of them, the mid-tempo, brass-punctuated “Gaucho,” features a refrain of “Please wake up” and such plaintive lines as: Asked about the song’s inspiration, Matthews said: “I guess it comes out of a vein of sort of unavoidable sadness that I find in the tailspin of an arrogance a lot of people have, and the fear of what the result of that will be...