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Scotty Sire was born April 1, 1992 in Newport Beach, California. He gained over 2 million fans on Vine, and has almost 1.5 million You Tube subscribers. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.

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He posted his first You Tube video in July of 2014.

Hopefully the TV series will be a little more progressive than Branum’s tweet, he’s previously written on shows such as The Mindy Project and Awkward.

Maybe this time around Andie Anderson will be a You Tuber with a dating vlog who is attempting to create a viral video by going against all the dating advice she’s ever been given, and Benjamin Barry is a fitness influencer who is trying to find a girlfriend to do workouts with to increase his Instagram followers.

So much so that, David has a special merch with his and Natalie’s picture from high school days printed on it. Well, if you ship David and Natalie together, you may have to forgive us for unraveling the fact that Natalie is dating somebody else.

Happy Valentines Day from when Natalie dragged me to my first high school dance only to leave me in the cafeteria while she danced with half the high school football team A post shared by DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik) on Not just that, the member of the Vlog squad also takes part in teasing David and Natalie at times and they seem to be completely fine with it. Sorry you guys, David’s assistant, Natalie Mariduena is in a relationship with a guy named Shawn Nelson.They posted their first video in September of 2015 and have since gained almost 300,000 subscribers.

At this point, it should go without saying that, while someone's age may imply something about their level of maturity, at the end of the day, maturity and age can be at shocking odds with one another.… continue reading »

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"We have got enough success during our formative years.… continue reading »

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And, I don’t think I can grow anymore, no matter how badly I would love to be five feet! Anyway who, here are eight things that affect me because I’m short and I have big boobs. I literally cannot stand wearing a seatbelt, I know it’s the law and I have to.… continue reading »

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