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15-Nov-2019 17:41

During a joint and brief news conference held after talks on the crisis in Ukraine, the Polish premier also warned that there could be no European Union assistance to Kiev until the authorities called a halt to the violence.

Barroso said the EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had “heard shocking stories” of abuse since her arrival Tuesday evening in the Ukrainian capital where several protestors have been shot dead and others abducted and reported missing. “Those responsible need to be held accountable…we are also calling for an investigation”.

Gazprom on Monday said a European Commission probe over the Russian giant's controversial gas pricing and trade policies was disingenuous and that the company would discuss the allegations with the EU.

“There is a saying — a thief’s hat tends to catch fire,” the world’s largest natural gas company’s deputy head Alexander Medvedev said using an idiom referring to an unwitting expression of guilt.

Separate research will look at the “causes, impacts and influencers of body dissatisfaction, and what works to tackle the cause and effects of low body image”.

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Medvedev added that he intended to raise all of Russia’s concerns and vigorously defend its policies during an upcoming meeting with a top European Union anti-trust official.

The blueprint also commits to:– Introduce a statutory code of practice for employers on sexual harassment;– Work with online dating apps to raise awareness among users;– Consider the impact of alcohol on violence against women and girls;– Explore the issue of “online flashing”, where sexual images are sent without the consent of the recipient;– Develop further measures to support lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender victims.