Dating with christian values

11-Jul-2020 17:20

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“I want to help men in that journey and prevent the damage porn addiction can cause,” he said.

Christian Crush also promotes helpful resources, including seminars, therapy videos, and retreats, for couples experiencing relationship difficulties.

The prevalence of porn addiction in today’s society can have negative effects on people’s dating expectations and attitudes.

Wyatt said it’s an unhealthy burden weighing daters down, so Christian Crush offers recorded seminars to inform and inspire anyone suffering from porn addiction.

“Against all odds, they struck up this relationship,” Wyatt recalled, “and now they’ve been married five years.

It’s amazing to see that happen.” Wyatt told us that first success is still one of his favorite stories because it shows what Christian Crush can do for singles who share the same faith and values.

“I was raised in a broken home,” he said, “and that experience cultivated in my heart a desire to help people avoid going through that.” He created a dating site and relationship counseling resources to support singles and couples in finding a functional and long-lasting love.

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