Dating wedding thank you cards

14-Nov-2020 22:28

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There’s a strong trend toward couples sending wedding photo cards as thank-yous, says Amber Cannoy, manager at Fulton Paper and Party in Middletown and Newark.

Other popular choices include stationery that incorporates lace and craft paper.

Are you more likely to remember a card if it contains one of these ideas?

What was the most unforgettable thank-you you ever received?

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You'll even find a few designs that match specific wedding invitations. Start sending thank you cards as soon as you start receiving gifts.

The store also will order novelty and less expensive brands.

Bailey says email is not an acceptable alternative to snail mail.

“If you write some of them in advance, the rest will be less daunting when you get back from your honeymoon,” Clayton says.

If a family friend or relative discovers that more than six months have passed and no one has received a thank you from the newlyweds, is it appropriate for them to pick up pen and paper and dash off a few notes?When guests see their faces in the group of pictures, they'll feel special. What was your favorite interaction with them at the wedding--or before?