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25-Aug-2020 20:53

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I'll revisit it)I’m running Ubuntu through VMware on my windows 10 laptop.

Is it safer if I download torrents from the virtual machine?

Set up Plex, sonarr, radarr, jacket, rslsync, deluge.

On Windows I used Extract Now to monitor my rslsync postprocessing directory and would auto extract any new RAR files and then delete the source file in which the extracted file would be picked up by sonarr/radarr. I've been researching a bit but not finding a solid answer besides using extract plugins in deluge but last I checked those aren't that great (unless I'm wrong about that ?

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People from all sexual preferences can join to explore their sexuality, no matter they are gay, lesbian or transgender.

I'm not sure why but i decided to start downloading another mp4 from the same file and that one downloaded completely to 100% but the first one stayed froze and still did not move.