Dating spouse after separation

02-Jan-2020 00:48

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This is because we set the stage for that before the separation happened.

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As long as your spouse will still communicate with you, it is not too late to get things going in the right direction.

Trying to reconnect with your spouse at that point would make you the other woman (or man), although you may be legally married.

Not only is this morally questionable, it would also create an incredible amount of disrespect for you.

You will have more success at reconciling if you “want to,” but don’t “have to.”You have a right not to.

You also have the right to try to keep your partner and rebuild your relationship. You will have to choose whether you will love or whether you will leave your partner. If you will not be able to emotionally move past the affair, even after reconciling, then it is probably the most loving thing to do if you don’t reconcile.While you have done more damage to it, which increases the emotional distance, you probably have not “blown it.” As long as you and your spouse still have regular contact you can start to rebuild a bridge between the two of you.