Dating someone with bpd forums

25-Oct-2019 16:35

What's funny though, is I try to move on and not speak to her much, but she calls all the time.

She talks to the girls to say hi, but sometimes she calls late, when she knows they're asleep. She tells me that I am her best friend and she's sorry for what she did.

She fell in love with another man at our last duty assignment, and moved with him in California.

She had this affair the whole time she was pregnant with our third child.

I wonder if you've had personal experience in this realm and are therefore touching only on the female manifestation of this disorder, or some very specific 'possible' attributes of a woman with BPD.

You've not included any of the main symptoms from the DSM-V, which I also find a little disturbing, as most people reading this might think that you must be an expert--so if some of these scenarios have occurred in their lives, their wife or partner must have BPD!

When I left him at school that day, he just turned and walked away from me. Is it appropriate to attempt to talk about this stuff with him when he won't acknowledge anything, and even gets upset at my broaching the subject? We slept in the same bed while she was here and had a lot of intimate time together. She told me that she still loves me, but she doesn't think I will trust her anymore. I asked her why, and she told me she was pregnant again, but this time with the other man's baby! She asked me if this changes how I feel about her, and I said no.

Anyway, she wants to come out here in 2 weeks to see the girls and bring the baby back here to stay with her sisters.

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