Dating skeletal remains

20-Aug-2020 16:47

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This focused attention on determining whether fractions of bone could be identified that would provide reliable dates, and this objective has propelled bone dating research up until the present day.

Chemical preparation methods have tended to focus either on the organic fraction, principally collagen, or the inorganic mineral fraction, the bioapatite.

The skeleton is now to be taken into the custody of the National Museum of Ireland.

Bone and teeth are complex tissues and thus radiocarbon dating them is also complex. Biomineralized tissues tend to survive better than soft tissues after death.

Post mortem processes that alter tissue structure and chemistry are termed diagenesis.

Diagenetic reactions lead to both the loss of endogenous carbon and the uptake of exogenous carbon.

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It's estimated this person lived between 1,500 and 2,500 years ago around the time the Celtic tribes arrived in Ireland.They contain carbon in both organic and inorganic mineral phases. Nevertheless, they undergo a variety of structural and chemical changes caused by physical, chemical, and biological agents. Bioapatite is a biologically synthesized hydroxylapatite that is predominantly calcium phosphate within which carbonate ions are substituted.The parameters that define collagen purity are presented, and this is followed by a brief consideration of burnt bone dating.

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Protocols for dating bioapatite, the mineral phase of bone, are then discussed.

Significant (The present work was supported by the Hungarian National Scientific Research Foundation (OTKA No. The authors thank the excellent technical support to Sajti Pinter Krisztina.