Dating site for intelligent people

09-Mar-2020 21:36

However, your wit can be as sharp as ever in thirty odd years.

In fact, it can even be razor sharp as life experience and increased knowledge will have certainly shaped you.

Few people stay with arm candy long term, because at the end of the day, dumb isn’t “cute.” Dumb is a lure and works for about five minutes.

It’s cute on screen in a frat house movie, but even in gag-inducing rom-coms, the smart nerdy guy (or gal) always wins in the end.

That extra knowledge will come in handy as you age, and will forever remain attractive.

Gentlemen, your brain will be your best feature when everything else goes south.

Ladies, children, gravity, and wrinkles, will eventually alter your 20-something swimsuit body, but the intellect, humor, and wisdom, you’ve attained through those years will always be there.

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Intelligence makes the nerdy set choosier when it comes to partners, selecting them for traits other than just looks – traits that have longevity.

There is no denying it, when you walk into a bar and scan the room for a potential mate, initially, looks draw you in.

But for the long haul, it’s what’s between your ears, not between your legs, that will seal the deal.

They’re turned on by the way the mind works, with good looks being secondary to an intense intellectual connection.

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For foreplay, Sapiosexuals prefer to mentally spar with their lovers.Hollywood knows what we’re really there for – to see the smart person take home the prize.

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