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19-Feb-2020 22:00

"I'm not sure how we would possibly be able to follow such a rule when I submitted [for the grant] six months before they made the change," Granger wrote Go Public in an email.The Weight Loss Grants Organization didn't respond when Go Public asked how a new rule can apply to old cases.David Stein, who describes himself as the adjudicator at the Weight Loss Grants Organization, said Granger's grant was denied because the letter she submitted from the medical clinic to prove her weight loss "does not appear to be legitimate." Go Public spoke with some people who say they did get their grants.The Weight Loss Grants Organization's website has a long list of thank-you letters from participants who say the program helped them lose weight.Go Public has been flooded with messages from some who say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged customer claims out for months before cutting a cheque.During our investigation, we heard from dozens of dissatisfied customers unhappy with the program run by a private, for-profit company.He was also listed as director of operations for Dalewood on its website, until Go Public started asking questions about his connection to both companies.

Her grant was also denied based on the rule that kicked in last month.Some Canadians who responded to national TV and radio ads that promised to pay people to lose weight say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged claims out for months before cutting a cheque.The ads ran across the country — get paid to lose weight — enticing many Canadians trying to shed pounds to sign up.She thought she'd found the solution — a grant program that would give her access to a high-end diet program then reimburse her for up to 80 per cent of the cost when she lost the weight. She found out through Go Public that her claim had been denied.

(Submitted by Richel Prevost; Rosa Marchitelli/CBC) "I literally worked my butt off and I just don't feel like their end of the bargain is being held up," Prevost said.

After losing 25 pounds, Larry Smith got an email saying his grant was approved and a cheque would be mailed to him.