Dating simulation games 18

31-May-2020 13:24

In my brief engagements with the game, the response options seemed rudimentary and the interactions overtly scripted.

There was no illusion of choice or sense that the relationship had progressed organically, nor did it seem the game’s intention to provide either of those things.

Articles firing off facts and statistics about Japan’s stagnation of intimacy and its alarming birthrates are plentiful, along with the “Men in Japan Are Marrying Their Video Games!? The world of dating sims is also steadily gaining a fascination in the West, and I’d be lying if I said, at first, I wasn’t tempted to cut together an “I Am Dating a Video Game Character for a Month — This Is What Happened!

My first dating sim encounter, like many users, was with the hugely popular Konami’s Love Plus — a video game that features the player in several scenarios with digital, anime-styled female characters, in which they must select dialogue options and use their device’s touch-screen capabilities to date and maintain a relationship with the character successfully.

These are a sub-genre of video games which center around the user forming and maintaining romantic relationships with digital partners through the use of VR/AR and (for now) rudimentary AI.

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