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Pledged In a fresh move, Oswestry Town Council, which owns the land, this week pledged that work would start immediately on a re-valuation to move the project forward.

Following a private session of the council on Monday evening, Town Clerk David Preston said: “As we look ahead to the new financial year the priority, shared by the town council, Oswestry Livestock Auctions and Morrisons as the partners, is to bring the site forward for de¬ velopment at the earliest opportunity.

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The Countrywide store, which will be built next to KFC, is expected to create 17 jobs.

“I rang my friend who has a 4x4 to see if she could tow us out but quickly the water began to rise.

It was just pouring down the lane like a river and was bringing branches and other debris with it.

But they had trouble finding me and the longer we waited the higher the water was getting inside.

I was then worried that it might reach a stage when we couldn’t open the door because of the force of the water and were trapped. But when we stepped out it was well over my knees and up to the children’s waists.Mrs Davies and the children had been vis¬ iting a friend on Tuesday evening last week when she got caught in the flood near her home in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry.