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21-Mar-2020 17:20

Chances of pregnancy continuing 98% Baby now measures 35 – 40mm and if the heartbeat is present and the baby measures appropriately for your dates, the chances of the pregnancy continuing is 99.4%.The baby is now measuring approximately 45mm and clearly has a distinguishable head, body, arms and legs.See below for detailed information about each scan: This early scan is available from 6 weeks.

We change to these measurements as the baby is now ‘curling’ and the CRL measurement becomes inaccurate at determining gestational age to date the pregnancy.What we do: * check the heartbeat * check the location of the pregnancy * confirm a single pregnancy or multiple * take a measurement of the fetal pole (baby) to accurately date the pregnancy * Check for signs of bleeding or ectopic pregnancy * This scan will accurately diagnose the sex of your baby, at the Verulam Clinic the success rate is 99% * Performed from 16 weeks.

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