Dating reportedly simpson

17-Dec-2019 12:44

At that time, Cynne was rockin’ that big rock on her left finger and Chris was smiling from ear to ear, with her on his arm at red carpet events and such.

Unfortunately, their engagement didn’t last long and they never made it to the alter.

Arnelle Simpson is widely known as the daughter of the former American NFL player OJ Simpson, and his first wife, Marguerite L Whitley.

She is also known for supporting her father's trails and court hearings back in 19.

Both of them have now moved on and Chris has another new beautiful woman on his arm these days…

Introducing y’all to Chris Tucker’s new woman, Jarneen Chaney Brown. Jarneen is an actress from Atlanta and owns her own marketing firm, Atlanta Injury Centers LLC, which specializes in marketing services primarily for attorneys and law firms.

When most of us think of Chris Tucker, two things probably come to mind- his signature high pitched voice he has and one of his classic one liners from “Friday,” such as “You got knocked the F**K out!

Ironically, Sahara bears a striking resemblance to Cody's ex and it's clear he has a 'type' - he recently revealed he almost hit on Gigi during a flight in June (15).

In 2014, word spread that Tucker began dating, Cynne Simpson, Donnie Simpson’s niece.

Cynne somewhat followed in her uncle’s footsteps and made a great career for herself in front of the camera, interviewing others.

So, we clearly know the love is real once he takes her home to Momma.

Chris and Jarnee apparently are still rock solid in their relationship in 2018, because in April of this year, they were spotted arm-in-arm, marching alongside civil rights legends and actors for the ‘MLK50 Forward March’ in Memphis, TN.

The march was in honor of the 50th anniversary of the iconic Dr. One interesting thing I couldn’t help but notice about Chris and his boo-thang, is that he seems to crop her outta photos on his social media pages for some reason. Because Jarneen posts some of the same photos as Chris does onto her social media pages…the only difference is she’s actually included in the photos’ shots.

However, he added that he had been anxious about the ceremony, saying: "I get nervous just putting on a dinner party, so I was more than a little jittery about how things would go. "Jeremy and I are both mature people, who care deeply for each other and decided to formalise our union simply for legal purposes. … continue reading »

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