Dating relationships warning signals

09-Dec-2019 14:29

Don’t date married men, it is dishonoring to God and to yourself. Extricating yourself from a potentially dangerous or damaging relationship is better done earlier than later.

If you see any of these 18 red flags when dating, it’s time to run in the opposite direction.

If you see these warning signs in your dating relationship, consider ending the relationship promptly to avoid much heartbreak down the road.

Telling you what to wear, how to spend your money, whom you should have as a friend are all examples of controlling behavior in dating.

And before you start dating, go through this pre-dating checklist for Christians to make sure you’re ready to be in a healthy relationship that can evolve and mature into something that lasts and flourishes.

This post originally appeared on Faith It Like A Boss and has been updated and shared here with permission from Rosemarie Ramsingh-Blackaby.

He had frequent angry outbursts despite having had counselling.

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Check out this sound Christian dating advice from a pastor’s wife with a heart to help Christian women grow in healthy relationships.This is a definite sign of an abuser and I say get away…. Thus, if you meet his friends and they are all players, gamblers, or they have no relationship with the Lord, you’d best walk away.Addiction becomes the primary relationship in an addict’s life.A godly husband will love his wife like Christ loved the church, selflessly laying down his life for her.

A self-focused man who can’t love others well and be compassionate isn’t prepared to do this. Ladies, if you are looking for a healthy relationship, it needs to be with a man who has an abiding faith and loves Jesus more than he loves you.

There is a generation that will be living with their parents well into adulthood.