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The density of heavy industries (predominantly steel production, chemical industry, and coal mining) determined the city's challenging ecological situation.In 2012 a UN report ranked Donetsk among the world's fastest depopulating cities.Our managers will create a package tour for you, which will include a trip to Chernobyl (the type you chose), transfer and accommodation, pickup to the place of group gathering, and airline tickets, if necessary.To book a package tour, you need to call 1-800-803-01-07 and inform the manager about the desired date of travel, number of participants, requests as for placement and transfer.

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The Republic was disbanded at the 2nd All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets on 20 March 1918 when the independence of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic was declared.

The original settlement in the south of the European part of the Russian Empire was first mentioned as Aleksandrovka in 1779, during the reign of the Empress Catherine the Great.