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The main objective of the conference is to promote actions in favour of truth, justice and reparation for the Aché people by publicising the crimes committed against them and the recently-activated mechanisms for denouncing them.

Against a backdrop of the investigations conducted into the systematic violations of human rights during the Stroessner dictatorship, Dr. Bartomeu Melia will share their first-hand experiences of the events.

Particularly distressing was the sale of many indigenous children to Paraguayan families, most of whom ended up working as domestic servants with no identity.

In the settlement, they suffered a lack of food and medical care, leading to numerous deaths due to respiratory illnesses caused by contact with Paraguayans.

As a result of the above, according to anthropological studies and documentation on the issue, the community’s population plummeted by more than 50% in less than five years.

All these facts were documented and reported by Dr.

The report was sent to the State Attorney General to commence criminal proceedings but, to date, no case has been opened, which is why the Aché community are now bringing a case through the Argentine courts by virtue of the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, as the only way of achieving the necessary truth, justice and reparation.

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Those indigenous who refused to be transferred to the settlement were forcibly captured in ‘raids’ organised by the military command, with many of them being killed, captured or forcibly displaced.The Aché community and the military dictatorship in Paraguay The Aché are an indigenous community of nomadic hunter-gatherers who had lived in the eastern region of Paraguay since time immemorial.