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Yet, I believe the overwhelming body of evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that Revelation was more likely written before AD 68.Let’s look at the proofs to establish the date of writing.Because Revelation contains no internal evidence for a later date of authorship, proponents of the later date must lean only upon external evidence to force this conclusion.Even the external evidence of Irenaeus is not a reliable source, and many scholars have even picked apart Irenaeus’ quote about the date of authorship as possibly being a very misunderstood quotation.The rule of the first seven Roman Emperors is as follows: Galba (June AD 68–January AD 69, a six month ruler-ship) Of the first seven kings, five had come (Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, and Claudius), one was currently in power (Nero), and one had not yet come (Galba), but would only remain a little time (six months).The current Caesar at the time of John’s writing was the sixth Caesar, Nero. Those Who Pierced Him As I discussed in depth in _Raptureless, _the Hebrew idiom “coming on clouds” speaks of God coming to bring judgment on a city or nation. Revelation 1:7 tells us who His judgment is against:__ refers to the people of the first century.

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If the book was written in AD 96, as many modern teachers claim, then my point of view cannot be valid.Here I will share ten evidences that Revelation was written before AD 68. says the following on the title page of the Book of Revelation: Again the revelation, which was upon the holy John the Evangelist from God when he was on the island of Patmos where he was thrown by the emperor Nero.Nero Caesar ruled over the Roman Empire from AD 54 to AD 68.Therefore, the book might have been written during that time—or so some claim.

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In reality, there are also historical documents that tell us John was exiled to Patmos at a much earlier date.

A quick web search led to a useful excerpt from a book by Jonathan Welton where he lists many of the pre-AD70 arguments in one place.

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