Dating nepalese women

17-Sep-2020 19:23

Between 75 and 80 per cent of the world’s 27 million refugees are women.

There are many countries where women are second-class citizens.

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Though, constitutions of all the countries have ensured equal status of all citizens without discrimination based on gender in every layers of governance, political participation of women in South Asian countries is very low.Across the diversity, the majority of communities in Nepal are patriarchal.A women’s life is strongly influenced by her father, husband and son.Virtually every culture in the world contains forms of violence against women that are often invisible because they are seen as normal or acceptable.

The underlying cause of violence against women lies in gender discrimination – the denial of women’s equality with men in all areas of life. Women in South Asia South Asian countries are primarily linked with the status of women in family, society and the state structures.The decision and policy level positions are remains occupied and dominated by males majority of them with the patriarchal psyche. Status of women in Nepal Nepal, a Himalayan country situated in South Asia, is one of the poor countries of the world.