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Seasons 1-2 “I deserve only the best…I’m worth it.” “He’s pretty much keeping me.” Sign: Virgo Jo De La Rosa was born in Lima, Peru and emigrated with her parents to Tustin, California at the age of three.

In 1994, her parents won the California Lottery and moved the family to Mission Viejo.

5 Long before Carole started her fling with the cute, 20-something chef named Adam, she was in a “relationship” with musician Russ Irwin, a member of Aerosmith.

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Lu Ann then moved on to her boyfriend Jacques Azoulay, but they too split in 2013.

No one is quite sure how long it went on for, but that it ended pretty badly! 7 Before Kim Zoliack married her NFL hubby, Kroy, she was involved in a mysterious relationship with a married man named “Big Papa.” Apparently he was a celebrity who supported her lavish lifestyle while married to someone else.