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29-Oct-2020 11:05

Tears were shed, "I love you" was exchanged, and eyelashes were tossed to the ground in what was without a doubt the most devastating breakup in the show's history.

Peter's decision not to propose still haunts us to this day. who won over the hearts of women across America with his perfect smile and incredible revenge-beard.

During the couple’s ), but he also let it slip that he had a girlfriend back home.

After Jillian sent him packing, Wes said the franchise totally villainized him. I think I was picked to be the guy people love to hate," he claimed.

, it was obvious to all that he was ridiculously hot.

It soon became evident that Leo had a temper to match.

After the two drunkenly hooked up on set, accusations of sexual misconduct caused the entire production to be (momentarily) halted.

De Mario and Corinne have since cleared their names.

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As she told Chris about her husband's death, she exclaimed, "Isn’t it amazing? While competing for the affection of Jo Jo Fletcher, Johnson became known for his outrageous verbal threats (most of which stemmed from his beef with castmate Evan Bass, which even got physical at one point).

Here's his best line of the season: "I'm gonna cut everyone here's legs off and arms off and there's gonna be torsos and I'm going to throw them in the pool and then I'm gonna fuck up this entire damn thing." Poetic! In addition to having a penchant for "cheese pasta" and power naps (she literally left rose ceremonies because she was too tired), Corinne made it known that she—a living, breathing 24-year-old woman—has a nanny. But Corinne's controversy definitely peaked during her time on Shit got awkward for front-runner De Mario Jackson when a woman claiming to be his girlfriend decided to have a little chat with bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

Although he denied the woman's claims, some —which unfortunately ended in an even bigger scandal involving him and Corrine Olympios.

From the start, Rachel and Peter's chemistry was undeniable, and fans were sure that what they had was built to last.

But towards the end of the journey, Peter's nerves about popping the big question created a strain in his relationship with Rachel, and everything came to a screeching halt during their emotional overnight date.

You can watch the whole confrontation between Rozyln and host Chris Harrison play out here.