Dating minors in arizona

29-Nov-2019 10:52

The Department is committed to providing the records as quickly as possible.

Individual cases will vary, depending on the case circumstances.

The DCS case file typically includes: DCS investigation case notes, including safety and risk assessments regarding the child and correspondence with the family; court documents filed regarding the child, including the family’s case plan and progress reports filed with the court by DCS; and, reports about the child received by treatment and service providers working with the family.

Information protected by state or federal law cannot be released.

The Records Coordinator will notify you when the request has been received, will provide you with periodic updates on the status of the request, and will provide the records to you once they are available.

Arizona's statutes (laws) do not designate an age when a child can be left alone.

A parent is responsible for the decisions he or she makes about their children being left alone.

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Any individual may request DCS records on a case where a child has died or nearly died as a result of abuse or neglect (maltreatment) by contacting the Records Coordinator.

We hope this helps in providing an answer to your question.

If you need additional information or wish to speak to someone from DCS, call the Child Abuse Hotline: at 1-888-767-2445.

This may include: information regarding the source of a DCS report, information related to the privacy and dignity of crime victims (Arizona Constitution), criminal history information obtained from the Department of Public Safety, medical records protected under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and educational records protected under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

) allows an individual to petition the Superior Court to request that the Court review the records and tell the Department which records can be released.

There must be medical proof or other evidence that the fatality or near fatality was caused by abuse or neglect.

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