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31-Oct-2020 14:47

Soon enough, he’s requesting monetary funds in one way or another. In the cases I deal with, the man is impersonating a soldier in the U. After all, who is more honorable than someone who has chosen to serve his country?But some do get satisfaction in knowing they have at least reported the crime to the appropriate authorities.By this point, you have firsthand knowledge of how the scam happens but these scammers change their tactics all the time.But don’t expect that it will result in getting your hard-earned money back.In all the time that I’ve been working with people involved with these scams, no one has ever recovered their money.Again, be sure to watch your account closely to be sure unauthorized transfers and withdrawals aren’t happening.Be sure to be forthright with the bank as to what happened so they can flag your account.

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Sometimes it will start out very innocently such as asking for an i Tunes card.You must block him on whatever platform you’re communicating with him on.