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Land Force Western Area actually instructed its units to wear the combat uniform instead, and Land Force Command later adopted the practice across the rest of the country, authorizing combat uniform for all occasions where garrison dress was deemed appropriate.Work dress and the Army garrison dress have been phased out; No. 3 (for the air force and navy) were adapted to replace it.Also called a "walking-out" or "duty uniform", it is the military equivalent of the business suit; it is the standard uniform for appearing in public (hence the moniker "walking-out dress").No 3 Service Dress becomes No 2B Mess Dress by replacing the shirt and tie with a white shirt and bow tie, or to No 1 Ceremonial Dress by the addition of ceremonial web or sword belts, gloves, and other accoutrements.The garrison dress uniform was not popular with the combat arms, as the boots were easily scuffed, especially when doing manual labour; the jacket was heavily lined and restrictive; the belt was designed to ride very high on the body and served no practical purpose.Army troops generally eschewed garrison dress for the combat uniform when possible, even in garrison."Work dress", as it was commonly known, was a more informal uniform, originally for day-to-day wear in garrison or on base, out of the public eye.It usually consisted of work trousers and either a dress shirt or work shirt, with an optional sweater; Army personnel wore a disruptive-pattern jacket.

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This consisted of rifle-green work trousers; a zippered rifle-green work jacket; a "lagoon green" work shirt; and beret.A notable exception was the Special Service Force (SSF), who wore a camouflage jump smock, regimental T-shirt, beret, and high-top paratrooper boots, with work dress or combat trousers as applicable. Members of the sea, land and air forces were issued uniforms distinctive to their service or "environment".Officers' and non-commissioned members' uniforms are identical, differing only in insignia and accoutrements.Army field units normally wore combat boots with work dress, "blousing" the trousers with elastic boot bands.

Many Army regiments wore regimental shoulder flashes on the work dress jacket.

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) (pictured here), Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) use distinctive uniforms for ceremonial and daily wear.