Dating meatloafs daughter

19-Oct-2020 14:06

Few foods are more comforting then good ol’ meatloaf.

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(You usually find them around the strawberries in the produce section) I’d be so disappointed if they were used plain, as is. They could be chopped up, seasoned and fried as croutons or crumbs, made into a toasty garlic bread or a quick bread stuffing or soaked – lots of ideas for them! It’s a fun ingredient that can be cooked or eaten straight from the can – the girls could get very creative with this.

Cookies, tartlets, pudding, bread pudding – chocolate and cranberry is an insanely delicious flavor combo…a bit of orange in the mix is great too….

One group made a french toast with a topping of chopped cranberries, marmalade, queso fresco, walnuts and syrup.

The finished result had fabulous flavor – but the texture was off.

The cheese didn’t melt as they expected and gave the dessert almost a curdled consistency.

I think the obvious direction with these ingredients would be a green salad or a bruschetta style appetizer.