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14-Jun-2020 05:10

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problems with dating an older man

Most of us refrain from conversing about specific sexual acts, which makes it really boring to have sex with a Saudi man/woman.

It becomes very surface level intercourse due to fear of the “unknown,” be it contracting a disease or whatever.

The consensus in Saudi is if your hymen is intact, you're considered a virgin, or at lease more of a virgin then when it's not.

I take care of the cleanliness of the home and my family.

Dating is very common now, and it has been for a while especially since the Haia's authority have been minimized.

Going out and hanging out with the opposite gender in public is no longer such a big deal amongst many circles.

Even people who wants to go on a date before marriage, they will usually bring their families with them.

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(It's worth noting that I only heard about dating happening in the Eastern Province, not sure if it happens in other areas)As for virginity, obviously I can't tell about everyone, only my personal experiences. Obviously there is no such thing, which causes my mind to have a tad bit of an issue answering this question. But that is based on my observations of people around my circles.Sex is not something to be celebrated in our culture.

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