Dating limits

28-Oct-2020 14:02

Given the broad absence of limits in our world, every encounter is another opportunity to check and set limits, with clear consequences for honoring or violating them.

It’s refreshing to come across someone who already has excellent limits so you can relax and enjoy the encounter.

Act too slowly and the other party becomes resistant, persist in asking, “Why?

” out of not understanding, and you may become immobilized, especially since a confused animal doesn’t tend to act.

In relationships a limit is where you establish your personal space from another’s personal space-what is mine and what is yours. Even what is ours is a mutually agreed upon creation for what is perceived as appropriate, acceptable behavior in relationships for all parties.

Like our skin or the borders of a country, boundaries help to differentiate one thing from another.

Limits are a form of structure that preserve responsible, respectful freedom and offer necessary supportive structures for learning and winning.

Accomplishing these goals through clear, credible reasoning coupled with assertive, limit-setting behaviors is crucial for a productive, psychologically healthy life.

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Boundaries in relationships can be set physically and psychologically.

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