Dating levinson blade guitars

20-Aug-2020 20:47

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“I don’t have a giant frame, so a Tele is just right for me.

I played a friend’s Gibson 335 recently, and it just felt too cumbersome and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

I acquired this one in a way familiar to so many collectors…

the apprehensive motorway service station deal,” he laughs.

“Sourcing material and information has proved tremendously exciting, spending many hours discussing the specification and detail on these special guitars.

Whilst I feel the ’94 Anniversary Strat is one of the finest factory-built Strats ever made, Strat aficionados will be aware that the headstock profile, pickup covers and control knobs aren’t as accurate for the period, as found on my 2014 60th Anniversary model.

“Let’s just go back to ’94, when the Fender Custom Shop also played a part in the same celebration.

Sure, it was a ’94 Strat, but like all factory-built Strats from that year, it carried a neck plate inscribed with .This American Standard Tele from 2001, in Aqua Marine Metallic, is simple, uncomplicated and suits me just fine.It also holds a lot of sentimental value, as I bought it with the modest inheritance I received from my mum, so it’ll be a keeper forever.” I have several other Strats and S-types, including a nice Crafted In Japan Antigua Strat and a Cherry Burst model from De Railer with a really fast neck, and there’s a Japanese-built Levinson Blade Texas Classic, which plays beautifully, whilst my Korean-built Fender Showmaster, loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, is a real rocker.” When it comes to what Davies adds to his collection, simplicity is important, as he explains: “My Shergold Meteor was one of the first built by the iconic British company in 1975.“I decided to write a book to clarify the frequent confusion over the identification of Fender’s Anniversary model Strats,” says Gary, “and, to date, I’ve sourced information on around 70 genuine USA-built Anniversary Stratocasters.” Since Davies began working on the book, he’s interviewed some major names, past and present,at Fender, along with guitarists and collectors. “On a few occasions whilst interviewing other collectors, I’ve persuaded the owner of the guitar we are talking about to sell it to me.

The quality of these celebratory models is stunning, so I’ve had to have one or two, as they’re available only in limited numbers.” “It all started when I bought a limited edition 40th Anniversary Strat launched in ’94, of which 1,954 were built, paying homage to the year in which the Strat was born.

The fact that Peter Green’s signature was on the scratchplate was an attraction, but I soon realised that this was a really cool guitar that had it all: two-tone sunburst, nitrocellulose finish, maple neck and single-ply scratchplate; it played beautifully and sounded wonderful, and came complete with the original case candy, 40th Anniversary hardshell case, plus a replica of the original-shaped ‘Poodle’ case.