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Throughout the 1970s, LA’s Korean population boomed, solidifying the foundation of the city’s now-massive Koreatown.Lakewood’s Koreatown is perhaps unique in that its formation was largely spearheaded by a group of women in response to a specific set of community needs and desires. A former high school English teacher raised in Daegu during the Korean War, Warnick married a third-generation Tacoma native, whom she met in college in South Korea (he was teaching; she was a student), and moved back with him to the U. In 1972, as LA’s Koreatown was booming, a small group of Korean women in the Lakewood area started a social club called the Korean Women’s Association, meeting monthly to share food, sing songs, and provide the fellowship and inclusion they were missing after moving to the States.From having a drink to shopping to going to a spa, there are a plethora of options for those curious to explore, here are 10 of the best. Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 368-3030 the boutique and ultra-cool and newer Line Hotel is its watering hole, the Pot Lobby Bar.The supper club which doubles as a hip cocktail spot opens at 5pm and is a great place in Koreatown to sit at their wide hexagonal bar, or on of the circular booths and enjoy drinks and good conversation. At Aroma Spa & Sports, this health center offers personalized massage and spa treatments, a comprehensive fitness center and a pool.Their stock changes regularly and many items sell out quickly, so make sure to check out the store often! Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 487-9090 is home to just about every baby and kid product that your heart can desire.

K-town has a flourishing scene of bars, restaurants and some of the best spas in L. along with a dense concentration of nightclubs and 24-hour businesses.

It’s in Lakewood, Washington, a 23-year-old city of 60,000 people just outside of Tacoma.

There are frankly few worthwhile stops off the I-5 corridor between Portland and Tacoma — fast food, gas stations, car dealerships, and maybe a diner or two — so when you turn onto South Tacoma Way, the sea of strip malls blanketed in Korean signage seems to appear out of nowhere, like a mirage materializing in the desert sun.

By the end of the 1950s, a few thousand Korean immigrants had moved to America, many of them women and students resettling after the Korean War.

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But it was a federal law that transformed the neighborhood.

Other great karaoke spots in the area include Soop Sok Karaoke, which some would argue is even better! This mega store sells a huge range of products including cheap candy, Asian snacks and drinks, stationery and much more.