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06-Sep-2020 09:14

For people who would like their child to attend a Japanese public school, we have gathered some examples of how schools are able to accommodate Muslim students.

Many Japanese public schools try their best to understand the religion and accommodate Muslim students to make them feel comfortable at school.

Fuyoh Kobayashi “inori” (prayer) calligraphy - Host and VIP guest greetings - Explanation of project details, talk session with Mitsuhiro Kunisawa (car critic) and Takeshi Yamasaki (former professional baseball player) Viewing inside the vehicle - Reception (introducing Halal cuisine) Venue: Toyota Stadium - West Event Square 7-2 Sengoku-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, postal code 471-0016; Tel: 05 Muslims in Japan and the World Now on the verge of the opening curtain for sports events drawing the attention of the world, we can say that the establishment of tourism infrastructures for visitors to Japan of various diverse nationalities, cultures, and beliefs is an urgent task in order to provide a fulfilling time during these events.

Also, as we move forward with the construction of needed infrastructure such as athletic fields and accommodation facilities, one issue that has been raised is the consideration of Islam, or in other words, resolving the problem of an insufficient number of mosques.

Within Tokyo there are a few International Islamic Schools that teach Islamic values in an Islamic environment while using an international curriculum.

These schools also make it possible for your child to learn Japanese and English.

It is equipped with facilities such as a water basin for purifying and cleansing before worship and indicates Qibla (the direction of Kaaba at Mecca).

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However, there are many schools within the Japanese public school system that have been able to accommodate Muslim children.

[Ages] Kindergarten, Primary school [Address] Soga Building 2F, 2-35-12 Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo The Tokyo IQRA International School is a standard English medium school providing an Islamic environment and teaching Islamic values.

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