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The Eastern Arabic Numerals The symbols that Middle Eastern Arabic uses to represent the numbers from 0 to 9 are referred to as Eastern Arabic Numerals.They are shown here with their European equivalent: Arabic Dates Most coins from Arabic or Islamic countries use the Islamic Calendar, which began (Year 1) in 622 A. (by the Gregorian calendar we use in the United States).According to Temple Mount Sifting Project archaeologist Zachi Dvira, “These half-shekel coins were used to pay the Temple tax during the Great Revolt, replacing the Tyrian shekel used previously.It appears that these half-shekel coins were minted by the Temple authorities on the Temple Mount itself.On the visible side is is an image of a three-pronged pomegranate, around which is written “Holy Jerusalem” in First Temple Hebrew lettering.A comparison with examples of half-shekel coins found in the book, “A Treasury of Jewish Coins” by renowned expert Yaakov Meshorer, indicates that the coin is not from the first year of the Revolt because the words “Holy Jerusalem” are written in “full form” — with the letters “yud” and “vav.” No such spelling has been found on any coins from 66 CE; it has been found on coins from the following years of the revolt.“This half-shekel tax for the sanctuary, mentioned in the Book of Exodus (–15), required every male to pay half a shekel to the Holy Temple once a year,” said Dvira.The half shekel donation was not only a means of filling Temple coffers, but was also used as a census as during the Second Temple; every Jewish male paid his tax once a year on the first of the Hebrew month of Adar.

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Here are some date examples on actual coins: the Gregorian year on them, which makes our understanding of the year it was made a little easier.— After an 8-year-old girl picked up her little sister from kindergarten, she picked up a little something else from the ground on her way back home — an extremely rare 2,000-year-old “half-shekel” coin.When she returned to her home in the settlement of Halamish that day last May, Hallel Halevy did a Google search for “ancient coins” and came up with something that looked like a match.Interestingly, the use of such First Temple period lettering — known during the Second Temple period, but not typical of it — is thought to have been intentional, to raise nostalgic feelings for the earlier Jewish monarchy.

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(A modern comparison could be the use of old Gutenberg Bible fonts on antique shops.) During the surge of Jewish nationalism at the end of the Second Temple period, in addition to these shekel coins, a small portion of the biblical Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran were written in this font, and recently a non-biblical scroll was discovered in this type as well.Even to call it a coin is to exaggerate what it is,” Gitler said.

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