Dating is seriously not easy

20-Feb-2020 23:08

ONLINE DATING IS ALREADY DESTROYING OUR DATING LIVES. Like…when the average age of marriage in Singapore falls somewhere between 30-34!

So yes, this means that more than 50% of the sample size isn’t primed for marriage!

This one’s been a long time coming, but here’s the Truth: The Straits Times can’t catch a story if you gave it one and I have the evidence.

The National Population and Talent Division polled 2,940 single and 2,861 married Singapore residents aged 21 to 45 years old between August and December last year about their attitudes and perceptions towards marriage and parenthood.

It is highly tempting to see other people’s relationships in a black or white filter.

It’s always “they’re such a great couple” or “they aren’t going to last long”.

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Now, I’m not saying that all relationships are doomed to fail, or that we are allowed to use it’s fluctuations as an excuse.

I’m saying that romantic love is a deeply nuanced, multi-faceted topic that requires us to pull from multiple data sources and experiences in order to understand even a single iota of Love’s fundamental truths.

Therefore, Janice Tai’s article fails even the basic tests of Journalism: Objective Fact-Finding.

Ok seriously, no one starts out with the expectation of marriage.

In fact, it might be more prudent to know people better before deciding to get married.Each time they spot an annoying habit or run into a minor disagreement, they ask themselves: What if someone even better is only a swipe or click away?

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