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25-Apr-2020 08:58

Although Martha was killed by Adam in the finale, one of the final shots of the episode shows an alternative version of her arriving and telling Jonas, "I'm not who you think I am," and when asked what time she's from, she says, "The question isn’t from what time, but from what world," before she takes him… Now that we know some kind of alternate realities exist, we need to know 1) Where the hell Jonas went, and 2) How these other dimensions fit into the plot overall.

Could their existence set the various cycles on track?

also the same as we did in Season 2 where we put a little bit focus on different characters like Claudia and Egon, we're going to do the same in Season 3 and call some people up that had smaller parts." , when you’re sure you know who the villain is or who's doing the bad thing, you should be open for what made them that way because no one is just evil because they want to be; everyone is reacting to their own hurts and wounds.

The past shapes you and everything that happens.” That may be a lot to unpack, but you've got until sometime in 2020 to mull it over and rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 over and over again like you're in a cycle yourself, looking for potential clues.

In an interview with Indie Wire, showrunner Jantje Friese said, "The basic idea of Season 3 was something that we already had when we started.

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It's also now clear that the true villain on the show is Adam, who is Jonas himself (of course, because why wouldn't he be? While he intended to undo time by setting off the apocalypse, we have to wait and see how he arrived at this world-shattering passion project of his, how he became so weathered and hardened (he did just kill the love of his life), and if Jonas, in this dimension or another, can somehow stop him.

is the type of show that tends to give you a headache if you start theorizing about it.

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