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02-Nov-2020 02:48

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That is why Tinder itself decided to launch a spin-off of its popular dating platform, Tinder Social, which allows users to match with people that will only feel platonic love for them.Here is a list of European startups that are following in the footsteps of the more popular Tinder Social, Meetup and Bumble BFF, and will quickly become your best assets in navigating the turbulent waters of digital interactions: Founded in 2017, Wetime is a social platform dedicated to couples and families with kids looking for new adult friends and to be socially active again.

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While marriage is still important and deeply cherished, the practice of living together without the formality of documentation is here to stay.What you may or may not know is that there are apps today to meet friends, neighbours and fellow introverts online – not just casual lovers.Contrary to popular belief, in fact, most people on dating apps are deadly serious about meeting other people, and many are looking for meaningful, long-term relationships or just innocent friendships.Go Crush brings people with the same interests together and brings the fun of meeting up back into the streets.

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The German startup was founded in 2017, and has secured a total of 5k in funding so far. It was built with one specific group of users in mind: singles with serious intentions.Lemon Swan also offers free services for students and single parents.