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21-Oct-2020 22:43

First experiences While Boss OD-1 was already there when the Ibanez ts808 came out, it somehow flew under the radar.Some would argue the MXR distortion could be near, but as we used it only completely cranked up, we totally missed the point.I of course have my personal theories about chaos theory and how original components have somehow learned to work together but I won’t bother you with them.I have seen and heard that enough with numerous vintage original pedals to be sure.Collector-wise : is it right to spend so much money on an original ts808 ?Then again it’s an easy YES : the price of vintage original have raised permanently though the years with no limit yet.You can also spot the registered r near the Ibanez logo which indicates older models.

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I've seen the black label pedals in good condition go for over 0.

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