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Upon hearing Fur Elise (pronounced "fur uh-less-ay"), he attempts to learn the opening melody on guitar, which is still a work in progress as of April 2017.

In late 2012, Josh's Gothickingcobra52 account is banned due to nudity (he flashed his dick in a video or three), and Josh creates his current account - King Cobra JFS.

Josh has recently graduated high school, and lives with his parents in between stints at the Boxelder Job Corps.

He begins to upload videos discussing current events, his beliefs, and his music.

When Stephanie is visiting, Josh continues to make hour-long You Tube videos while she sits silently on camera.

Josh begins to show how poorly he manages his money by spending his Wendy's paychecks immediately on regular visits to Golden Corral.

At some point during this era, Josh has brief stints working at the local Burger King, as well as a pizza restaurant.

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He also introduces his dummy Shon during this time as a part of his comedy skit series titles "Shon and Saunders".

Chris moves into Josh's studio apartment and sleeps on his futon.

Since Chris is unemployed, he is in almost all of Josh's videos for several months - usually just in the background playing Grand Theft Auto.

He was bullied a lot because of his Aspergers syndrome, and was often accused of being "creepy" for checking out girls.

At some point he was on the wrestling team, where he remained on the team long enough to receive a letterman jacket before deciding the sport was "gay", resulting in his departure from the team.

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