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Find in-depth firearm values and gun pricing information on Harrington and Richardson products. 199 Sportsman, Ultra Sportsman, Defender, New Defender, .22 U. 1, Single-Barrel Shotguns, Turkey Mag, Youth Turkey Gun, Topper (New Production), Topper Deluxe, Topper Jr. Classic, Topper Deluxe Slug, Topper Deluxe Classic, Topper Trap Gun, Tamer, Ultra Slug Hunter, Ultra Slug Hunter Deluxe 20 Gauge, Ultra Slug Hunter Deluxe 12 Gauge, Ultra Slug Youth Model, Ultra Slug Hunter Bull Barrel, Ultra Slug Hunter Thumbhole Stock, Ultra Slug Youth Bull Barrel, Ultra Lite Slug Hunter, Camo Laminate Turkey NWTF Edition, Camo Laminate Turkey Youth NWTF Edition, H&R Handy-Gun (rifled barrel) Curio or Relic, H&R Handy-Gun (smooth bore) NFA Curio or Relic, Topper (Old Production), Model 088, Model 099, Model 162, Model 176, Model 400, Model 401, Model 402, Model 440, Model 442, Model 403, Model 404, Pardner Pump Field Gun Full-Dip Camo, Excell, Excell Waterfowl, Excell Turkey, Excell Combo, Pinnacle, Model 1212, Long Tom Classic, Harrington and Richardson/New England Firearms Handi-Rifle/Slug Gun Combos, Model 058, Model 258, Reising Model 60, Model 65 Military (Model 58C), Model 150, Model 155 (Shikari), Model 157, Model 158, Model 300 Ultra, Model 301 Carbine, Model 317 Ultra Wildcat, Handi-Rifle, Superlite Compact, Ultra Varmint Rifle, Ultra Varmint Thumbhole, Stainless Steel Ultra Varmint Thumbhole, Ultra Varmint Fluted, Model 317P, Ultra Rifle-Hunting, Harrington and Richardson/New England Firearms Stainless Ultra Hunter with Thumbhole Stock, Ultra Rifle-Varmint, Ultra .22 Magnum Rifle, Ultra Rifle-Comp, Ultra Rifle Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Commemorative, Sportster .17 HMR, Sportster, Sportster Compact, Buffalo Classic, Wesson and Harrington Brand 125th Anniversary Rifle, Ultra Rifle Whitetails Unlimited 1997 Commemorative Edition, CR Carbine, Model 333, Model 340, Model 360 Ultra Automatic, Model 451 Medalist, Model 700, Model 700 DL, Model 750, Model 865, Model 5200, Model 5200 Sporter, 100th Anniversary Officer’s Model, Custer Memorial Issue, Model 171, Model 171-DL, Model 174 and Model 178.It’s excerpted from the 2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a reputable source of new and used gun prices. They are break open single shots with exposed hammers, a side barrel release and a walnut pistol grip stock.The values are:excellent-0, very good-, good-, fair-, poor-. An "I" prefix on the serial number dates your gun to 1948I hope this helps you, Tom Hi, A Topper as old as your gun has values a little higher than recent production guns.Another has HIBBARD stamped on left side and MODEL W. stamped on right; holster with identical stampings was also available.Most have nickel-plated receivers and are serial numbered within the same ranges as, and have other characteristics identical to, regular-production H&R Handy-Guns, by variation.2016 AD: To enhance our community's aggregate through multi-platform metrics of media synergy catalyzing integrated outcomes of macro-disciplines toward inclusive methodology paradigms generating positive algorithms of unwavering commitment to our children, the flag, and God. This gun was built 17 years before the introduction of the 3 inch .410, But 2 1/2 inch shells are preferred by skeet shooters so are still widely available, But I suspect they are now loaded to higher pressures than common 100 years ago. in the army of the consul Gnaeus Fulvius Centumalus Maximus and for 10 miles around it I will not steal anything worth more than a denarius in any one day. With mine, the fore end just pops off with thumb pressure, then the barrel comes right off. Yours looks a little newer than mine, other than that, all the same.

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Original Harrington and Richardson started in 1871 and was in existence until 1986.

H&R's corporate office is now located with Remington and Marlin in Madison, North Carolina, while the production facilities are at the former Remington plant in Ilion, New York.