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15-Jan-2020 12:34

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When you text all the time, you don’t notice that he never initiates. Especially because you’re looking for something long-term, understand that sex factors hugely into shaping your relationship early on.

But if you wait for him to initiate at least 2/3 of the time, you quickly notice when the time between texts stretches out to days. If you have sex too soon, he might get the impression that you just want something casual (which is fine with him), while you may get emotionally attached too early, making you invest more emotionally into the relationship than he does.

via GIPHY Yes, you’re a modern woman, and I fully support you making the first move with a guy, but realize that men are psychologically wired to like to chase things (women, animals). Maybe in your 20s, you were the forward girl who would kiss a guy first.

So you might not even know what it feels like to be pursued.

Maybe talk a little about your childhood or past relationship…and see if he opens up with similar stories of his past.When you first start dating someone new, block off the days you have things going on in your calendar so you don’t accidentally agree to go out on a date on those days.

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