Dating game middle school

29-Aug-2020 12:40

– Musical Chairs – Fast-paced game- Chairs required.

– The Number Game – Work as a team to display the numbers as quickly as possible. try to pass the ball through the line as quickly as possible! – Steal the Bacon – Your mission is to steal the bacon.

– The Dating Game – Fun icebreaker game for groups who know each other well.

– Dodge Ball – A row of squishy orange playground balls and a gym- It’s the classic dodge ball game.

– Duct Tape Game – Tape your teammate on a wall using duct tape!

– Electricity – Squeeze your teammate’s hand as quickly as possible- only if the coin comes up as heads!

– Halloween Telephone Charades – Funny icebreaker game, especially for larger groups. – Honey, I Love you, But I Just Can’t Smile – Fun, non-active game. – Human Knot – As a team, untangle yourselves to form a full circle again.

– Logo Game – The ultimate logo quiz- Test your logo knowledge now!

– Marshmallow Toss Game – Catch as many marshmallows in your mouth before the time runs out!

– Memory Game – Memorize as many items as you can from the Powerpoint slide.

– Cake Walk – Famous game to play at festivals and carnivals, especially for kids. – Charades – Guess the secret word/phrase using only actions!

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– Build Tower Game – Great creative group game- See whose team can build the highest tower using newspapers!

– Toilet Paper Costume Game – Use toilet paper to create most original and creative costume!